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Me gustaría saber más sobre este método y su implantación en algún centro educativo de Europa. La enseñanza sugestopédica no tiene nada que ver con lo que tradicionalmente entendemos como un... Read more
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What are the main professional profiles who teach in the health sector? What are the evaluation criteria for the selection of trainers in healthcare system? I'd like to know your experience... Read more
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Do you like our resources? http://open.books4languages.com/grammara1en http://open.books4languages.com/grammara2en We publish materials for second-language learning. We support the official... Read more
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Bonjour, Dans un premier temps n'est il pas nécessaire de cartographier le niveau de connaissance pour définir le parcours de formation ? Dans un deuxième temps capitaliser le savoir et en... Read more
před 2 days 20 hours
En esta nueva Sociedad del Conocimiento, todo nuestro esfuerzo nos vamos a dedicar a salvar nuestro planeta de la contaminación de residuos que a ocasionado la sociedad de consumo, quizás desde su... Read more
před 2 days 20 hours
Dear friends, dear colleagues, I would like to introduce you the Erasmus+ project "HELP: Healthcare English Language Programme" The aim of this project is to create a free, printed... Read more
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The new and improved Open Education Europa is live! We're currently in the 'beta' phase.   What’s new? The revamped layout and structure are just the first of a series of changes... Read more
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Dear all, I would like to find out to what extent tertiary institutions in your country recognize knowledge acquired through informal learning (e.g., through adult further education programmes... Read more
před 2 months 3 weeks
Según han mostrado numerosos estudios científicos convergentes, nos enfrentamos en la actualidad a una situación marcada por toda una serie de graves problemas socio-ambientales estrechamente... Read more
před 2 days 20 hours
For years young people have been told not to read and in particular not to read books as more interested in new devices- mobiles, game consolles, computers and tablets as distractors. Nowadays with... Read more
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